We are currently experiencing issues with our main phone system, but we can be reached directly at the following numbers:
Rob Blair, President and CEO: (424) 241-1995
Tom Matsuyama, R & D Mgr: (424) 241-1958
Refugio Guadalajara, Tech. Support: (424) 241-1966
Perry Watkins, Tech. Support: (424) 241-1971
Adam Ward, Senior Dist. and Mfg. Western Sales Mgr.: (424) 241-1959
Leon York, Senior Dist. and Mfg. Eastern Sales Mgr.: (704) 816-1484
A.J. Noecker, Regional Sales Rep., South Central U.S.: (424) 241-1976
Michele Withrow, Regional Sales Rep., Northeast: (704) 816-1485
Rob Pasavirta, Regional Sales Rep., Canada: (705) 207-8951

18730 S. Wilmington Ave.
Unit 100
Rancho Dominguez, CA 90220
Tel: (800) 877-6656
Fax: (310) 898-1098

East Coast Facility:
8510 McAlpine Park Dr.
Suite 108
Charlotte, NC 28211
Tel: (800) 877-6656
Fax: (704) 365-0818


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Sales Representative position available

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We are in!

We have made the move and are happy to be in our new headquarters. See our Company page for the updated directory. Our new address is:

18730 S. Wilmington Ave.
Unit 100
Rancho Dominguez, CA 90220


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A Touch-free door switch for knowing-act doors that eliminates a major cross-contamination point: the door switch. Learn more.

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